Artist’s statement

Most of my artwork is inspired by the natural world. Observation and life study have always been important elements of my working process. I combine the information that I gather through observation with other ideas to create pieces that are simultaneously real as well as fantastic. When my art is at its best it is part science and part fairy tale.

Training as a printmaker gave me a love of careful craft, a desire to create interesting surfaces, and a sculptor’s interest in materials. Carved blocks have become increasingly important to me as finished pieces rather than just a matrix to print from. I continue to explore my ideas through prints and panels, developing an interesting conversation between these related art forms.14822136676_7f1ea58fd0_o

2 thoughts on “Artist’s statement

  1. Aloha Sara, I am an artist also, who has gone to painting my woodblocks and carving and painting wood. I have only been doing this the last couple of years. I saw your “Channel” piece in the McClains catalog and I went to your website, your work is spectacular! I enjoyed looking at it so much. I, too am a Teaching Artist here in Hawaii, have been since 1983, love your work with the kids. Do you ever offer workshops? Just curious……again, beautiful work! Thank you for what you are doing. Keep it up! Ellen Crocker

  2. Thank you Ellen, I appreciate your kind words! I don’t currently offer workshops but I will keep your contact information and get in touch if this changes. Enjoy Hawaii and your work in wood and with the students. Nice to hear from an artist in another one of my favorite places!

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